hello, my name is Jennifer

Welcome to my page ♥. As you can see, by my blogs my passion is to give others "makeovers". That is my first love. Beauty is about confidence and style. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes we want to feel beautiful, classy, trashy, or even dramatic. It all depends on your mood. It's whatever you choose because expressing yourself should never be limited. After all girls just wanna have fun. ;)

My goal is for every woman who feels unpretty to feel great. Beauty of course comes from within, makeup just enhances our natural features. Pretty girls with pretty hearts are always diamonds in my eyes. Just be free. Makeup has been my passion ever since I could walk, and I started doing freelance work to anyone who was willing to be transformed. Who doesn't want to feel beautiful, glamorous, or edgy. We all have our own style and the way we look, the way we act, and the way we walk makes us all unique.

I want to inspire others to overcome adversities in every part of life just as I have. I took acting classes and completed some studio training with producers through a local studio, however I did not pursue it further. In that dark time of my life, acting and writing became an escape as well as theraputic. Now that I am rebuilding the bad into good in my life, I plan to wait for the right moment to purse my interests again. I feel inspired and driven just as I did when I was younger. Do you remember when you were younger and had dreams, there were no cares or fears. That's what I've found again. I believe in fate and everything happens for a reason. Through others strong positive force I have had the pleasure of working with has inspired me again. Their encouragement has built me up. In the process I was also taught to encourage others and build them up. We all need these words from time to time to help and us through those unfortunate times. I know now there is light at the end of every dark tunnel and every day is one less day of your life. I wouldn't change anything and everything I have experienced because through the madness I still love me and have no regrets.

I plan on blogging more because I have abondoned it for personal reasons, I especially want to focus on great buys like thrift shopping. The only place to find one of a kind items. I have found cool unique stuff from tees to dresses to handbags. I love vintage items! Lastly I just want too see others smile whether it's reassuring them with kind words or giving them a small change. Comment on my blogs if you have questions or suggestions or email me at jcruz@jenniferspage.com. I will start doing reviews because just like you I am always in search of a great product with fair pricing but mostly just being me! Thank you for visiting this small window into my life. :)

XOXO Jennifer Cruz


BIH Studio
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Richard Reed
Jeffery Gafner
Brooke Bundy
John Brantley Cole
David Anthony

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Bilingual in Spanish (Speak/Read/Write)
Makeup Enthusiast
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